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Josh L

My name is Josh and I am your friendly neighborhood hacker, helping protect businesses from cyber-criminals. I am a long time computer enthusiast, military veteran, and trained investigator. I learned coding in the 7th grade and joined the military straight out of high school where I served 9 plus years before doing a career change. Now I run a cyber-security investigations firm where we provide clients with hacker style security. As an expert in cyber crime I guide my company to focus on how the tactics criminals use can be used against them to protect a business.

Cyber Crime-

I stay on top of the latest tactics of cyber criminals by following their communities and learning about what they are doing.

WordPress Website Security-

I have taken courses but there is no substitute for research and practical application.

Information Security-

Information Security is about more than just having the latest software. It’s a mindset and it is ever changing.

I am my company’s representative and I do all the media appearances for my company. If you are interested in having me on your podcast just email me at <strong>[email protected]</strong> letting me know what your podcast is about and what you would like to talk about.

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Only if you ask really nicely and pay money because milk isn't free. I don't hack for criminal purposes. I hack to help my clients be more secure online.
Yes, you can.
What they don't know about cybersecurity. 43% of data breaches are small businesses.
Not at all, but something can be done about it.