WordPress Security Management

WordPress Security Management

WordPress Security is not automatic, it needs to be set up.

Your WordPress website does not have security automatically installed of setup when it is created. Most website designers don’t understand security because it just not part of what they do. Security is about knowing the technical side of everything, such as how your server works.

WordPress Security is not for the non-technical.

It’s okay to not understand the security aspects of WordPress, because it’s not as simple as putting up a Web Application Firewall. That fire wall is only as good as how it’s setup. There is a lot that goes into managing your WordPress security so let the experts do it instead.

Four Ways You Lose Money When Your Website Gets Hacked:

  1. The hacker might hold your website for ransom.
  2. Loss of new Website leads that could earn you money.
  3. Paying to fix your website.
  4. Loss of customer trust.

This is not an end all be all list of ways you lose money when you get hacked. Because depending on what happens when you get hacked you and your company could be faced with a lawsuit, that could put an end to your business.

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