Need a More Secure Email Provider?

Email has been around forever and not every email provider is looking out for your best interest. Some email providers are scanning your email to be able to market to you better (Google cough… cough..) and some email providers are so bloated a feature heavy that it makes it difficult to manage.

We Have Partnered with Fastmail to Provide a Security and Privacy Focused Email Service Managed by Us.

Why should you work with our email service over G-Suite or Office? Well for one we don’t consider you the product you are the customer. We are experts when it comes to protecting you from cyber criminals. We make sure your email is setup properly so you don’t become a victim. We will also update security settings blocking malicious actors before they have a chance to get to you.

$50 / a year per user
$70 / a year per user
$110 / a year per user
Privacy-first, secure email
No ads, no tracking
Fastmail web and mobile apps
Full-featured calendars
Contact lists and groups
Mail import tool
Expert support
600+ alias addresses for even more privacy
Manage and add users on any plan
Use your own domains ([email protected])
Share your domain with Basic users
Your choice of email apps (Outlook, iPhone Mail)
Calendar groups
Email retention archive
Domain Name Monitoring
Secure Email Setup
Phishing Email Support

If you don’t think we are adding enough value to the already great Fastmail service you can purchase their service here. The provided link is an affiliate link so if you purchase through it our company will get a little kick back from Fastmail.