Phishing Simulation Training

90% of Data Breaches are Caused by Phishing

Phishing Simulation Training can reduce your company's chances of being a victim.

Did you know that 92% of Malware is delivered by email? This because it’s easier for hacker’s to get the malware in you system if someone let’s it in.

If you and your employees are not able to identify phishing emails you are more likely to become a victim of phishing. How are you going to be able to identify phishing emails if you are not experienced in finding them?

Phishing simulation training can safely give you and your employees the experience you need to identify phishing attempts.

What is Phishing Simulation Training?

Phishing Simulation Training is where we attempt to phish you and your employees on a monthly bases. We send phishing emails that are designed to try and get you to click on the link or download an attachment. These links or attachments are harmless and wont cause damage to your system.

Phishing Simulation

80% of Businesses Report being a Victim of a Phishing Attack

With our training you will become well-versed in spotting phishing attacks.

Pricing starts at $25 a month for 1-10 employees

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