About Us

Our Mission:

"We protect your business like it's our business."

A Team of Hackers

The term “hacker” was not originally associated with the Bad Guys or Girls. Hackers were and are just people who just want to innovate in an extreme way. That’s why we are hackers we believe in constant innovation with our services. We are a small team that moves fast and innovates in providing topnotch security.

Not all Hackers are Created Equal We Have Core Values

  • Do No Harm
  • Do Not Allow Others to be Harmed
  • Innovation is Life
  • Constant Learning
White Hat
White Hat

These are the 100% good guys that just test software and are usually hobbyists or employees. They do it for fun.

Grey Hat
Grey Hat

Grey hat is where our company falls because we get really close to what the Black hats do but instead we helps companies protect themselves from Black hat hackers and charge money for it.

Black Hat
Black Hat

Black hats are criminals and don’t care who they hurt to make a profit. Most of these guys are not real Hackers they are the bottom of the barrel and just prey on people.

Meet Our Team

Josh L

Founder and Chief Hacker of Green Knight Digital. A man dedicated to protecting people.